The Faculty of Social and Management Sciences has the primary mission of building skills and impacting practical knowledge at various academic levels through its state of the art On Campus and Online distance learning programs.
The Faculty’s course delivery methods recognize the fact that the best way to reach a learner is to use the technology that the learner already has or can be made easily available to him or her. The basic course delivery method is that of the printed material. In addition, Audio, Video, and CD-ROMS are used as complementary media. Face-to-Face course contacts (tutorial classes) are also undertaken at the University’s Campus and various study centers. This is to ensure participants’ comprehension of the courses offered and to provide an avenue for learners to interact with one another during the course of the program.

The Vision of the Faculty is to be regarded as the foremost School in Cameroon and Africa in general, producing high quality Management Professionals capable of supporting her myriad of public and private concerns through well-structured, convenient, flexible and accessible education via the distance-learning mode.

The Faculty has the primary Mission of providing exceptional learning and cutting edge technological know-how with added value required for survival in today’s global village.

To produce well-informed global citizens equipped with analytical and communicative, problem-solving skills, and a broadened view of the human experience; through the study of Social and management Sciences, aimed at promoting cultural sustainability, Peace, Anti-corruption, social justice, equity, equality, national cohesion, and excellence in content and character.

To provide high quality interdisciplinary education facilitated by technology that enriches learners’ learning experience, promotes lifelong learning and transforms learners into responsible citizens that will contribute positively to the needs of the
increasingly global and ever-changing society, through a flexible and cost effective open and distance learning mode.

The Faculty seeks to be known for innovativeness in its providing high quality programs, promptness in service delivery, and relevance in research, all with the view to promoting capacity building, and life- long learning for the benefit of the community it serves and for Cameroon.


  1. Department of Anti-Corruption and Financial Studies
  2. Department of Social Sciences and Peace Studies
  3. Department of Management Sciences
  4. Department of Local Council and Public Administration.
    The Faculty of Social and Management Sciences is currently running programs leading to the awards of Bachelor’s degrees, Postgraduate Diplomas and Masters of Science in respective areas under four departments. We offer a range of courses/programs which includes B.Sc. programs in:
     Anti-Corruption Studies
     Tourism Studies,
     Finance and Business Management,
     Hospitality, Catering & Hotel Management
     Local Council Administration
     Public Administration,
     Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
     Youth De-radicalization and reorientation Management.
    We also offer PGD and Masters in the above mentioned programs and in a number of specializations. We have listed in our stable of program the Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution (MPS) and Youth De-radicalization and Reorientation Management (MYM). These are International programs coordinated by a consortium of Peace Advocacy Organizations under the United Nations and UNESCO.
    These are just a few of the reasons why the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences is one of the leading schools in Cameroon and should be the first choice for many students who wants to enhance their knowledge and skills base as well
    as their career prospects.
    Admission Requirements is as determines by the general admission procedures of the Charismatic International University: All candidates must satisfy the basic level requirements before being considered for admission into any undergraduate programme in the Faculty. All Postgraduate students must satisfy the entry required as detained in the Academic Programs of the University on the admission website.