The Faculty of Entrepreneurship is a creative inclusion in our bid to provide a proactive modernization of the concept of entrepreneurship. Often when Entrepreneurship is mentioned, it is always taken as part of the Business Faculty but from our orientation, Entrepreneurship should be treated as a modern educational curriculum offering practical knowledge with the emphasis on the enterprise creation, development and management. After years of critical research on economic development and entrepreneurial education, it is therefore very important to develop a mechanism that will through a well-designed curriculum and with a well thought out academic scheme to gender self employment skills and provide for all students the pattern to develop their personal potentials towards wealth creation, poverty alleviation and job creation.

From the perspective of national education and economic development, students represent a considerable bank of talent that must be adequately developed. If nations are to be developed, a means must be found by which talent can flourish in the soils that originally nurtured it. The present ideal of schooling for job placement should be gradually and steadily replace with the concept of entrepreneurship which will aid job creation, reduce unemployment and encourage economic development.

Education today is unabashedly oriented towards the “take-a-job” mentality. It conveys in both content and attitude that the student is being prepared for a career in which he or she will be working for the public service or for some kind of small or large business entity – i.e., “taking a job” that someone else has already created. This presumption in our school system is in part a reflection of the ongoing conditioning of our nation since independence to the belief that the public service or the large corporation was a preferred source of employment. On the other hand, learning access is almost non-existent for entrepreneurship – the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to create jobs (“make a job”) by conceiving and starting up new businesses.

Our country’s economic growth will hinge on our ability to create new jobs through entrepreneurship. Successful entrepreneurship, in turn, will require well trained aspiring entrepreneurs willing to take the helm of venture creation.
Effective initiatives in entrepreneurship education will be increasingly critical for expanding the flow of potential leaders from our school systems with the passion and the multiple skills needed not only to give birth to the inherently risky entrepreneurial enterprise but also to guide it successfully through the initial growth phase which is so subject to “infant-mortality”. Our young people are challenging us to provide them with educational opportunities to understand the role of entrepreneurship and to acquire the knowledge and skills required for successful entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, general recognition of what content should lie at the core of entrepreneurship education has not kept pace with the compelling and accelerating case emerging for entrepreneurship education – especially in the educational delivery community. In particular, many schools and curricula have inadvertently clambered onto the much better understood and more accessible bandwagon of business management education in their well intentioned attempts to tackle the more poorly understood and elusive goal of real entrepreneurship education. We must begin, then, by examining what lies at the core of entrepreneurship and by contrasting that with the different but complementary role of day-to-day business management functions. THE VISION AND MISSION OF THE FACULTY The Vision and Mission of the Faculty of Entrepreneurship is to ensure that the Charismatic International University should not be graduating students with the public service in view; rather producing graduates, who will be self employed and become a contributor to the development of the Nation.


The objective of study programs is to qualify the students for proactive operation and provide them with broad education to successfully confront every business challenge.

The study encourages entrepreneurial stance and progressive and creative thinking, as well as offers applicative knowledge in reaching successful business efforts in any field.

To motivate new potential entrepreneurs in creating innovative and unique business ideas.

To model our graduates through the provisions of learning access to all the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to create jobs (“make a job”) that will help start up new enterprises. To provide a well-designed curriculum and with a well thought out academic scheme to gender self-employment skills and provide for all students the pattern to develop their personal potentials towards wealth creation, poverty alleviation and job creation.

In addition to the study offers students an extra option to broaden their social network; the option of international student exchange at 30 partner institutions, assistance of the Career Centre , participation in excursions, the Alumni club and other student activities.

This Faculty of Entrepreneurship is targeted to be turned into an important educational institution in the heart of Africa that will pioneer uncommon enterprise generation and will implements the higher educational program, as well, hosts the acknowledged international experts in the field of entrepreneurship and educates new enterprising future entrepreneurs from all over the world.


Undergraduate Study programme


Duration of study: 3 years (6 semesters) and 180 ECTS Degree: Bachelor’s degree in Economics


We offer a variety of learning and teaching approaches including lectures, seminars, case studies, workshops, presentations, group discussions and project work. Modules are assessed by a mix of coursework assignments, presentations and exams.


 Successfully completed appropriate secondary education.

 Proficiency in speaking, reading and writing in English.

 Following all the required admission procedures of the University.


1. To developing entrepreneurial skills and mind-set. It is through the case studies and a lot of practice complementing the theoretical part that the students will gain the skills and knowledge to start their own venture or add value to their already established small or medium sized private or family enterprises.

2. Renowned lecturers and professionals. You will be trained to think critically, communicate effectively and manage new business in today’s globally competitive business environment. Lecturers and mentors in various fields with many years of business experience will guide you to reach your maximum .


The program focuses on three main groups: i. Cameroonians and indeed Africans who are looking for how to create businesses and raise them to international and global recognition. ii. Creative individuals, already in business and who wish to successfully continue managing the companies, and iii. Visionaries with a desire to create new entrepreneurial ideas.


1. Everyone who aims to acquire quality and all-round education with the possibility of choosing the desired career path, and those who wish to complement their specific and technical knowledge with mastering the fields of economy and management. 2. Entrepreneurs, employees and those who wish to upgrade and enrich their knowledge, as well as acquire entrepreneurial skills and virtues.

Do you want to build a career in the fastest growing industries? Our program s Designed as Entrepreneurship in Perspective Sectors will prepare you for success. While studying Entrepreneurship in Charismatic International University, you will be assisted to develop business and entrepreneurial skills that will encourage your innovation, creativity, communication ability and project management interest. You will be equipped with the knowledge to succeed.

Join us, the future belongs to the enterprising.

The program places great emphasis on practical lessons, as learning is based on numerous case studies from real-life companies, who present real-world problems in everyday business and challenges of the future (including 180 hours of obligatory internship in Year 3). You too will be involved in these challenges and will try to find solutions! You will contribute ideas and develop them with your colleagues under the mentorship of experienced professionals. You will have access to the University team of Enterprise Incubator and many successful entrepreneurs who always come around to specie up the training with real practical skills. You will not only graduate with your certificate in your pocket, but you will leave with an experience that will help you meet the challenges in your entrepreneurial journey.


 you are ambitious, full of ideas and want to write your own success story by starting your business in fast growing industries,

 you want to grow your family business and reap success in foreign markets,

 you want to take over managing a department or project in a larger system,

 you see yourself as a manager in larger companies, at home or abroad.


After graduating you will be ready for your own entrepreneurial journey. We will equip you with all the knowledge you need to start your own business, run an existing business or continue the entrepreneurial journey you started while studying. Entrepreneurship allows for a greater freedom and creation of one’s own business path and as such is a great alternative to other professions. We will to connect you with promising industries with enormous entrepreneurial potential.


1. Department of Entrepreneurial Studies and Strategic Management

2. Department of Social and Corporate Entrepreneurship

3. Department of Technical and Development Entrepreneurship