i. With FSLC – 5years

ii. With GCE O/L – 4years

iii. With GCE A/L – 3years

iv. With any Diploma – 18 Months


i. With a Higher Diploma in any other field – 24Months

ii. With a Bachelor’s Degree – 12months

iii. Integrated Masters (with a Bachelor’s Degree in any professional field) – 18 Months iv. Cumulative Scheme (With any Diploma & 4 years of Cognitive Experience) – 9Months.


i. With a Master’s Degree – 24months

ii. Integrated PhD (with a Master’s Degree in any professional field) – 36 Months.

iii. Cumulative Scheme (With any Diploma & 7 years of Cognitive Experience) – 18 Months.


All admissions into the Charismatic International University are based on students’ prior learning through classroom training or online education from reputed and recognized academic institutions.

  1. FOR DIPLOMAS AND BACHELORS COURSES: For Diplomas, Bachelor’s Courses, the y must have the minimum academic qualifications as specified in the General Admission Requirements.
  2. FOR PGD AND MASTERS PROGRAMS: For Postgraduate Diploma and Master’s courses, they must have a degree with minimum 50% marks aggregate in their previous degree certificate or international equivalent to it. In case of not meeting the minimum criteria, special provisions are there for exceptionally skilled students in some other field, which can be considered on case to case basis.
  3. FOR DOCTORAL & POST-DOCTORAL PROGRAMS: The doctoral research program in CIU is aimed at working professionals in education, research or similar fields who want to enhance their career prospects by pursuing an advanced education to the level of any research based program in a part-time format while continuing with their employment. The doctoral programs require teaching assistance and research, which not necessarily has to be carried out while physically present in the university campus. CIU recognizes that going back into a higher education setting presents unique challenges for individuals who may have been in their professional careers for a significant time. However, as any higher education requires certain abilities & merits of the previous learning, doctoral programs also have criteria of previous learning to be matched. In a research based model, students enroll and work with the assistance of an academic advisor who tracks their progress while they go through the program in a desired field of research, with the ultimate result of completing their thesis or dissertation.

For admission to a doctoral or post-doctoral programs, one needs to match the following admission criteria: The prospective student will have to take the university entrance test, the score of which must be 65% or higher.
The student must have achieved his/ her Masters’ degree with a minimum 55% marks or Grade 5.51 and above in the 10.00 Grade Point Average Scale under Choice Based Credit System.

If the 2ndcriteria doesn’t match, student still qualifies if he has scored more than 60% marks in the Bachelors’. If 2nd & 3rd criteria don’t match, the student still stands a chance if his/her entrance test score is 80% or higher.


To defer admission, you are required to write to the Registrar with evidence of your admission and course registration.


To change your academic programme you are required to obtain an Application Form online or at the Faculty offices and then follow the procedure for change of programme prescribed by the faculties hereafter and what line of actions to take after completing the requisite form. You may need to consult your counsellor for guidance.

NB: The following are facts you need to understand about the change of programme.

1. Students are allowed to apply for change of programme not less than 10 weeks to the commencement of examinations.

2. Students should obtain Change of Programme forms from online or from the faculty offices after payment of the prescribed fee, fill and return the form attaching credentials and evidence of payment.

3. The reason(s) for the change of Programme should be stated and the form should be signed by the Dean of the Faculty.

4. The Faculty will treat the applications and send them to the Academic Office (an e-mail is automatically generated by the system directly to the student informing him or her on the decision of the Faculty).

5. The Academic Registry will treat the application accordingly.

6. The student will get a feedback from his or her portal with 3 days.