Archbishop Prof. NC Lawrence Luba

Greetings to you in the name of the Lord.
The Charismatic International University, Cameroon is a training center to produce all class of Christian professionals and Ministers of the Gospel; It is a unique place for your intellectual and Spiritual development.
CIU, is more than just a University; it is a place where you can see without doubts the direction of your life and your purpose. With our understanding of the needs of this Generation and Gospel Branding for our Environment, our Curriculum Structure is such that goes beyond mere academic performance to real life experience: as such, other all our courses are been in designed to boost the real life and psychosocial competences of the students. We have provisions for those who think that finance can become their major obstacle in realizing their set ministerial and academic goals. We are distinct and effective in our pursuit for excellence for our students.
Our hunt is not just to raise and train dynamic Christian professionals and ministers of the Gospel only; but to raise men and women; godly Manpower that will effectively impact the nations. We are set to pioneer a strategic academic warfare against corruption in Africa. Therefore, our admission structure has been made in such a way that irrespective of your academic and professional aspirations and church affiliations, you can be admitted. Also even if you are already a Medical Doctor, an Engineer, a University Don, a Civil Servant, a lawyer, a Pharmacist, a Banker, Uniformed Officers, etc, you have a place in this University through our Cumulative Academic Scheme, Integrated Study Program, Online and Distance Learning Programs etc. The Curriculum has been designed to suit your taste, aspirations and to challenge you dynamically.

The challenge of seeing professionalism in display in Ministry and Career which will go a long way to change the terrain of the gospel has become our ardent pursuit through this University; to accomplish this, we’ve made this capacity of education part of each student’s life goals and dreams and it is designed and patterned to be challenging and impacting.

I hereby introduce to you this noble training center. I know with absolute assurance and confidence that those who will venture into CIU will not only enjoy their academic pursuit; but they will be developed beyond measure. We will not only meet their expectations but beat their imagination, to prepare them for their generation; making them relevant to the gospel from one dispensation to another.
Congratulations and Welcome.